Angus the ___ Dog

I’m a dog. This is a dog blog. Gimme some cheese.

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“What are you?”
Mostly a black lab.

“What does the T stand for?”

“Who are your peoples?”
The girl and the boy. They got married, and I helped.

“Crax? Skitty? What is that?”

It’s the cat. I don’t know why the people kept her, and we’re definitely never involved in snuggles.

“What do you do?”
Mostly, lay around, take naps, and implement playtime and bellyrub time. Also, midnight playtime.

“How is this dog blog done?”
Mostly, I dictate to the peoples and then they write it up for me, since I got no thumbs. Hosting is through DreamHost (you can get $50 off a year of hosting by using the code ATD50REF when you sign up), and I like them because they aren’t jerks that lose all my data and they plant trees or something to offset their carbon output. I’m not sure what that means, but I like the outside and trees. I use WordPress and a modified version of the Cutline theme. The girl pretty much handles the technical stuff and makes the pictures of me.

How can I talk to you?
Leave a comment on the blog. My email address is angus[at]angusthedog[dot]com, but I really don’t reply since I got no thumbs.