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August 23rd, 2012 · 5 Comments · Dog things

So, I’ve had a boob grownin for awhile now. I mean, it wasn’t where my teats are. It was kind of in my arm pit. Teh people called it mah boob.

Mah boob was making it hard to walk and stuff. Then Teh boy took me to Teh Evil Dr. Katz, mah vet, and he told me I was fat and I had to lose weight. I think Teh Evil Dr. Katz was trying to kill me. Teh boy says Teh Evil Dr. Katz isn’t evil just because his last name sounds like “cats” but I think he might be evil because I like food and he said I couldn’t have as much any more. …and his name sounds like “cats.”

Anyway, I got skinny and mah boob got smaller. But then mah boob started getting bigger but I was still skinny. So teh boy to me to another vet. I didn’t like that vet at first because I had to see her before I got any breakfast. But she was nice to me and that was cool. This new vet though is on my suspicious list because after seeing the new vet I heard teh boy talking to Teh Evil Dr. Katz on the phone. I think the new vet and Teh Evil Dr. Katz might knows each other.

But then today, just a few days after seeing the new vet I had to go see her again. And, just like last time, I had to see her before breakfast. By this time, without getting my breakfast again I’ve figured out that teh new vet and Teh Evil Dr. Katz are in cathoots wifth one anothers. I didn’t like it when teh boy left me there. He had to hide so they could take me away but I knew he was hiding. Then I was hanging around with this new vet when I got really sleepy. I’m not sure what happened next but when I woke up, and it took me a long time to wake up, I didn’t have a boob any more.

Now, I like this not having the boob thing, but I got a hole in mah side where the boob used to be. A bunch of mah furs is gone. The place where where mah boob used to be itches. And no one will let me lick where it was.

And now everyone is acting funny around me. Teh people moved all my blankets and pillows downstairs. And they won’t let me do anything. I missed breakfast but teh boy gave me dinner. But after dinner I got really sleepy. I think he must have put something in my dinner. Green beans don’t usually make me that sleepy.

Overall I’d say things are okay. I sure miss getting breakfast. But the car rides were fun. And I think I’m going to like not having a boob. I don’t think I want to see a vet again (except for Dr. Pants because she is nice and just pets me).


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