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September 3rd, 2011 · 14 Comments · Dog things, The peoples

The Peoples had a party. Well, not really. The boy’s mom had a party for my peoples, and there was lots of other peoples. And we had to take a long car ride to get to the party, but it was fun even if nobody gave me any foods at the party.

There was also lots of decorating and I guess the girl thought I wasn’t dressed up nice enough, so she had to decorate me.

At first, I wasn’t paying attention:
What's going on?

And then I realized she was putting bows on me. And really, what can you do when that’s happening? I didn’t want to cause a scene.
Aw, dangit.

And then I wanted to know if it was really necessary.
Really? Bows?

But I got over it pretty quickly. I got lots of attentions after that! I felt pretty. And fancy.
Happy dog


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