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July 31st, 2011 · 5 Comments · Dog things, Food, Kitty, The peoples

  • The vet called me fat again. I didn’t like that. The peoples has cut back my food to what’s “recommended.” I didn’t know they could read those charts.
  • The  Girl got me nice gluten-free treats, and those is nice.
  • I got bumps. I don’t like my bumps.
  • The new foods they got me was really tasty, the blue buffaloes. But The Boy said it was really spendy, so he got me something else that’s still good, but it’s no blue buffaloes.
  • The Girl is taking me out for walkins a bunch. We don’t run on death marches anymore. The Boy sometimes comes with us, and I really like that.
  • I hasn’t had a new snowman or sheeps in a long time. But I’ve been getting lots of bones, though. I still has to keep pulling the guts out of my sheeps and snowmans, I didn’t know they was that full of guts!
  • I got new bowls. That’s been interesting. I can’t lay down and be lazy to eat anymore, but I also don’t has to go all the way down to the floor to check for bacon pieces.
  • The Crax looks funny when she drinks water out of my new bowl. She has to stand up like a prairie dog.


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