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A dog named Reflection

March 14th, 2011 · 8 Comments · Car ride, Friendses, Outside

I got to go on a nice long car ride yesterday. The boy took me to his mom’s house. He says he needs to go there to visit people and hide while he works on something called a dissertation.

Last night we were sitting in the living room of the boys mom’s house and I looked out onto her porch and saw a big black scary dog. So I started growling at him and he started growling at me. I bristled up and he bristled up. I barked at him and at the exact same time he barked at me! I hunched down and started snarling at growling and then barking because this is serious by now and that other dog did the same thing back to me!! That dog was scarier than I was so I jumped back and hid behind teh boy.

The boy and his mom were laughing at me a bunch. They said that other dog’s name was Reflection. Who names a dog Reflection? Anyway, they said I was safe because that scary dog couldn’t get through the sliding glass door to the porch. I don’t know though because every time I walk past that door Reflection is out there and he’s looking right at me!


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