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OMG snow

February 1st, 2011 · 7 Comments · Kitty, Outside, Play, The peoples

So, we had snow a while ago, and that was awesome. I love snow!
The Skitty didn’t like the snow so much, and that’s sad, because snow is awesome. The Girl took her outside, but Crax just tried to climb the Girl, and when she put Crax down, that cat would slam herself against the door. She’s so dramatic. And dumb.
Crax wants in
Anyway, the People said we were going to go outside and play with snowman. I love my snowman! He’s awesome! And I was so excited to go play with him outside, because I love the outside, too. But the people just pushed a bunch of the snow together, and said they played snowman. I don’t know, but piling a bunch of snow together isn’t my kind of fun. And there was no snowman playing at all.
The Fam


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