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Kaya Crax

December 16th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Friendses, Kitty

The Girl told me today that her dad’s Kittah isn’t doing so hot. I never hung out with that kittah, ’cause she didn’t like me so much, but the peoples always say that they wish our Crax was more like a Kaya Kittah.
Blanket Kitty

Apparently, this kittah always has the snuggles. And likes peoples, even if she doesn’t like the dogs. She plays with her claws out.
The chin nuzzleKaya on G

Anyway, she’s been acting like she’s been into the nip or found the key to the liquor cabinet, because she’s been falling down all the time and her fur’s falling out. I hope she’s ok and sees another spring, because I don’t mind it so much when that kittah doesn’t like me. And even though she’s only smelled her, even Crax has a worried about Kaya.
Crax has a worried

I think that’s the third emotion I’ve seen her have. Behind hate and evil.


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