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Not football

November 7th, 2010 · 16 Comments · Outside

Today, the Boy and the Girl took me to one of her football games! At least, that’s what they said they was gonna do, but they took me to a soccer game instead. At first it was fun, I got to meet people and run around, but then they started playing soccer.

Dude, that game is scary.

Did you know that they play it with a giant ball? I can’t get that! And they also run around a lot with pointy shoes? And they don’t use their hand or mouth at all to get the ball, they just use their feet? At least, most of them do, and sometimes they hit it with their heads. That’s scary! I wouldn’t do that! I liked running with they Boy to get the ball when they kicked it far away from them, but I didn’t really want to get near it.

i don’t know why the girl goes and does that, but if she’s gonna play such a scary game, I think I’ll just watch and not get jealous when she smells like running from it.


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