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Bed nicessness

November 6th, 2010 · 13 Comments · Bed, Running, The peoples

This morning, the Peoples got up really early. I mean, it was so early that the sun wasn’t even up yet. And, I don’t know if you know teh Boy like I do, but he doesn’t get up that early. Like, ever. The Girl sometimes does, but not the Boy. Never teh Boy. Unless teh Girl needs to be taken somewhere to leave us for a while, or needs to get brought back to us, or he takes her away and she smells like running when she gets back. Then he might get up early, and then he comes right back.

I figured, since he was going to be coming right back anyway, I might as well keep the bed warm for him. I can usually hear his car, so I can get off the bed and meet him at the door, and then he thinks he hasn’t been gone that long. Makes him feel better, I think. But today, he was gone a while, and I guess I fell asleep, and he came back with the Girl and surprised me while I was trying to be nice for him and keep the heat in the bed.

And this time, they both smelled like running. I don’t think that’s very fair.


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