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August 30th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Dog things, Food, The peoples, Vet

I gots the peoples totally fooled! When teh Boy took me to the Vet last week, she said to gives me some thing called Benedryl to helps with my nose spot. The Girl tried to give it to me and, srsly, that stuff is nasty. It’s not good like the candy dog drugs (the peoples say it’s for heartworm and I only get one a month, but I want to eat it all.) So, the Girl said that she would cover it with cheese, but she only had shredded cheese.

So, the Girl just fills her hand with cheese and I eat it, and there’s no drugs! Ha! I gots them so fooled! They just give me cheese all the time and tell me they forgot to put the benedrill in it. I gotta say, though, that being this sneaky seems to make me sleepy all the time. So.. sleepy…


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