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Good day

June 6th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Car ride, Treats

I had a pretty good yesterday! First, the peoples got up and we went on a car ride. And at the end of the car ride was a market! They kepts saying it was for farmers, but I don’t have thumbs, so I don’t really farm, but they let me in anyways. While we was there, I met lots of other dogs. I mean, lots of them, and it was nice to go on a social outing. Everyone was cool.
Angus at market
There was one place with dogtreats! They had some samples that they was giving out, but they all tastd like garlic and I don’t think I like that very much. I mean, garlic-flavored bacontreats? I was glad that the peoples got me some of the regular bacon ones like last time, because they was really tasty. I was so excited about my dogtreats on the way back to the car that, even though I went before we went on the car ride, I pooped on the sidewalk. I tried to hide it by walking behind the peoples and spreading it out, but they knew somehow. They wasn’t too happy about cleaning it up. I was really excited about another car ride!


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