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May 12th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Bed

The peoples changed stuff with the bed so it’s really tall now. I can almost get under it and get to the Crax now. Maybe, since I can get to her hiding spot, she’ll chill out and we can make a club where we tell secrets. Kidding- the Skitty has too many craxs for that.

But since it’s so tall, I can’t  do any bed sleepins without The Boy helping me on and off. That kind of sucks.


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  • Jo Ann

    Oh Angus, I’m so sorry to hear that you can no longer get any bed sleepin’s due to the new height. Maybe teh peoples could get you a stepping stool to make it easier to get up there and enjoy your afternoon naps like always. As far as the crax, now being a skitty, she needs her hiding places, so let her keep her domain under the bed. Remember, you get to go outside all the time and do your dog thing and she has to stay in the house. Fairs fair, you know.

  • Jo Ann

    Well, Angus, that is too bad that you can’t have your afternoon bed sleepin’s any longer. Maybe teh peoples could get you a stool. That might help. Now as for getting under the bed with the skitty. She needs a place that is just her domain. Remember, she can’t go outside like you do.

  • Jo Ann

    Dear Granddoggy,
    Sorry, that message got posted twice. That’s what happens when you’re old and don’t know how to use all this modern stuff. I’m not having new windows put in, but I am having the bathroom that teh peoples use when they come visit redone. I’d love to have you and your peoples come visit, but you’d better wait until the floor gets put back in. Right now you might fall down in it and then teh boy would have to help you back up. It’s a BIG drop.

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