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Vet trip

February 24th, 2010 · 12 Comments · Kitty, Sick, Vet

The Crax and me went to the vet today. It wasn’t all that great, ’cause I thought it’d be all about the Skitty, but it ended up being all about me. Skitty was skeered, and just purred really loud, like she was trying to convince everyone that she was fine. She hid in her mini-craxhouse and tried to snuggle up to the Boy through it.

But the vet was all about me! They stuck so much stuff up my butt, and that wasn’t cool. They didn’t stick so much stuff up the craxbutt. And they stuck needles in me. And then the vet had a bug (kind of like my flashlight, but smaller) and I wanted to chase it, but they wouldn’t let me. The vet stuck the bug in my ear, the one that smells, and I guess the bug did something because my ear kinda feels better now! They cleaned my ear a bunch and gave the Boy some stuff to put in it. I hope the bug didn’t get stuck or anything, because I still want to chase it.

I’m glad it’s all over and I’m also glad that the vet didn’t call me fat this time. I’s been working out! I’m skinny!


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