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Good day, bad dog

December 4th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Bad dog, Kitty, Outside, The peoples, Walk

The peoples say that I was a really bad dog today, but I think it was a really great day. First, I had some cat poops with my breakfast, but the people caught me and said I was a bad dog. I think I was good, because I was helping to clean up.

Next, the Girl came home and found me on the bed. She said I was a bad dog, but I think I was good because I was keeping it warm for her. I know she’s be tired after going to a govvement agency, so I wanted it to be warm for her, in case she needed a nap.

Then the Girl took me for a walk with the neighbor and her little person. He’s got a tinies. Anyway, the Girl said I was pulling and going everywhere and getting hit by the rolly chair that the little persons was in, but I think I was good because I was keeping the squirrels away from us. I heard that squirrels is vicious to little peoples, so I didn’t want any near us.

So, I thinks is was a pretty good day, even if I was a bad dog.


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