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Sniffing it out

November 4th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Dog things, Outside, Walk

The Girl took me running yesterday, and we ran forever! We went up and down the hills, and we hasn’t done that in a long time. There was lots of news about the other dogs that I had to catch up on and sniff out. Especially on the big hill, you’d never believe what’s been going on! Because you wouldn’t believe it, I’m not going to even try to asplain, would take too long and I don’t think you know them, anyway.

I don’t think that the Girl was happy about all my news-gathering, she kept pulling me off the mailboxes and telling me to run, but a dog’s just gotta know what’s going on in his neighborhood.


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  • Palila

    Angus, you always think we run forever. It was only about 20 minutes.

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