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October 4th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Dog things, Friendses, Kitty, Vet

The Girl’s sister found a cat today. Well, The Girl’s Sister’s friend found it, but the Girl’s sister figured out that it was really sick. She thought it might has gotten hit by a car. So The Girl’s Sister and her friend got it out of the bushes and put the cat in a box with a towel and took it to the V-E-T. She said it wasn’t making good noises and wasn’t even blinking, just staring and didn’t have any fight in him. I don’t know- I think a kitty without fight isn’t long for this place, since they’s small and often dumb. You gotta has the fight if you don’t has the smarts. I think it musta been really sick since it went in a box, but our skitty likes boxes, so boxes must be ok for kittys.

Anyway, they took it to the emergency V-E-T, and the V-E-T said that is wasn’t doin so hot, so they should just help it go out. And that’s what happened. The V-E-T also said it probably hadn’t been hit by a car, it was probably starving and shutting down, and that’s when they found him: at the end. The V-E-T said it was good to bring him in instead of watching the cat struggle or letting it go by itself, still in the bushes.

I think it’d be good to has the peoples around or to be around the peoples if one of us has to go. I know the Girl’s Great-Aunt just went, and I liked to visit her. I didn’t like to visit her when she was in the place with all the other older peoples, but I just don’t like how those places smells, and I’s been to a couple. I don’t know what it is, but it smells like peoples going away, kinda. But I’m sad that I can’t go visit the Girl’s Aunt again, because I always got treats and extra pettens from her. The Girl said that her Great-Aunt had her childrens with her when she went away, and I think that’s good.

I don’t like it when peoples and potential friends go away, but if you has to go, I think it’d be good to have someone with you.


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