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September 28th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Car ride, Friendses

I had a pretty good weekend. We went for a truck ride, which is like a carride, but with less space and more noise. And then I got to see my dogfriend Sophie! That was nice. We played a lot, all around the house.

It rained a lot, too, so we smelled like wet dogs a bunch. My peoples went to go to a race during the rain, but they came back really quickly. I don’t think they was happy about being home so fast from the race, but I like to hang out with them.

I also got to help out Sophie’s dogmo put up shelves! Her mom and sister might have helped, too. My peoples said that they’re going to get a little peoples soon, which I think must be like getting a puppy. I don’t know what Sophie’s going to do once the peoplepuppy arrives: Sophie likes lots of pettens and I think the peoplepuppies like to be held all the time, propbably because their eyes aren’t open yet and the peoples don’t want them running into things.


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