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August 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Car ride, Dog things, Friendses, The peoples

I had such a good weekend! The peoples took me on a really long car ride, and I got to see my friends Sophie and Kia! It was great! We all ran around like jackasses.
The peoples was going to a party, so I dressed up in my tux again because I thought it was a fancy party, but there was also a pond, so I went swimming in it. That was really fun, but the boy wasn’t too happy about it. Then I played with my friends some more.
There was also small peoples there, and they smelled like stuff. I had to smell them and the bigger one patted me a bunch. The smaller one didn’t like me at first, but then he realized that I’m a nice dog and laid on me for a while.
Then, we took a long carride back home. I slept through most of that one, ’cause I was so tired after playing with my friends all weekend.
It’s nice to see friends, but it’s also nice to be home!


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