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April 22nd, 2009 · 6 Comments · Friendses, Home, Outside, The peoples

Teh Boy came home really early today. I really can’t tell time, but I know he’s home before he normally comes home these days. He’s been going into school too much lately and I don’t get to hang out with him like I want to. Teh Girl isn’t home all that much either, but last night she came home early and brought a friend of her’s who has a Pete Dog. Pete Dog is nice. He peed in my front yard though and I can’t stop smelling it.

Teh Boy says he’s got a lot of thinkin and workin to do.  He’s not very good at thinkin in front of the computer so it sounds like we might get to go outside. That is very exciting. It is nice having him home. The peoples has been gone too much lately. They spent most of their weekend out of town and I didn’t like that at all. The weekends is when they are supposed to spend time with me.


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