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The Big Walk

September 1st, 2008 · 13 Comments · Car ride, Friendses, Home, Outside, The peoples, Walk

The Boy took me on a reallllly big walk. I got to go on a car ride first. It was a long one and we went to the mountains. We walked into the woods and then slept in the tent. When we woke up, he packed up the tent and we walked all day. It was so nice. Then we stopped at a spot where there were some people who were living outside too. Even though there was most of a house there, we stayed in the tent again. Then today when we got up, The Boy packed up the tent again, and we walked all day again. I like these walks because I often get to meet other dogs and most of the people we meet really like me. But this time we walked to the car and drove down from the mountains all the way home. It would have been a real nice car ride but The Boy kept yelling at people (it was something about people driving below the speed limit in the left hand lane on the interstate, or something or other).


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